Application to defer instalments

In accordance with the law on certain measures concerning the repayment of loans in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can request the deferral of your loan instalments, if your loan meets the legal requirements. The deferral of instalments is suitable for those whose ability to repaid their liabilities was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; however, they must be aware that deferral of the instalments will increase the cost of the loan. You can request the deferral of instalments by completing and sending the form below.


Natural persons (Business/Non-business)


Business and small enterprises

Commercial companies and other, meaning small companies with a turnover of up to CZK 25 mil.


Medium and large enterprises

A medium or large company refers to a company with a yearly turnover of more than CZK 25 mil. which is served at one of the SME or corporate centres of SBCZ.


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