How can I request the deferral of instalments?

  1. Download and complete the form

  2. The company executive(s) sign(s) the form

  3. Send a scan of the form via e-mail

How can I request the deferral of instalments?

Please send a scan of the signed form to the address

What should you know?

  • The form contains important information. Please pay attention to it
  • Become thoroughly familiar with the model example
  • Also read the answers to frequently asked questions
  • If you have any questions, please contact your corporate banker

Please note that the application is processed exclusively in the Czech language

Model example

During the moratorium, clients - legal entities are billed interest by law. Only the principal instalments (see below) are the subject of deferral.

  • Instalment loan principal before entering into the moratorium - CZK 20 mil
  • Monthly instalments
  • Annual interest rate 3% p.a. (corresponds to 0.25% p.m.)
  • Length of protective period - 6 months

During the protective period (which may be up to 6 months), the client pays monthly interest equal to CZK 50,000. At the end of this period, the client pays the principal and interest based on the original instalment schedule. The maturity of the loan is extended by the term of the moratorium. Compared to the original instalment schedule, the client will pay additional interest corresponding to the length of the chosen protective period - in this model case, CZK 300,000 more.

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