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Legal Disclaimer

Before you start using the www.sberbank.cz website, please first read the Conditions for the Users of the www.sberbank.cz Website.

Conditions for the Users of the www.sberbank.cz Website

Valid from 1 February 2016

  1. The operator of the www.sberbank.cz website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) is Sberbank CZ, a. s., with its registered seat at U Trezorky 921/2, 158 00 Praha 5 - Jinonice, ID No. 25083325 (hereinafter referred to as "Sberbank CZ") ), which is, in line with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright, and on Amending Certain Acts (the Copyright Act), as amended, authorised to exercise ownership rights to this website.
  2. The services provided by the website are publicly accessible and its use is subject to the following conditions that apply to all users of the website.
  3. Sberbank CZ reserves all copyright to the website content. Intervention in the content and/or the technical functionality of the website without the prior consent of Sberbank CZ is not permitted. Only Sberbank CZ can decide about changing, removing, or amending the content of the website. The website can only be used for a user’s private purposes, and not for commercial purposes.
  4. Users of the website understand that the website may at times be rendered partially or wholly inoperable. Sberbank CZ is not liable for any damage that may arise in connection with the use of the website.
  5. Sberbank CZ is not liable for the content of third-party websites to which it refers or provides links on its website.
  6. With the exception of these Conditions, the publication of information on the website does not constitute a legal act directed at the establishment of a legal relationship between Sberbank CZ and the user of the website. Exceptions to that rule are cases when the establishment of a legal relationship is explicitly stated.
  7. The information provided on this website is merely informative.
  8. These Conditions may from time to time be amended or supplemented, and only by Sberbank CZ. These Conditions take effect on the day of their publication. The user consents to amendments to these Conditions by continuing to use the website.