Why FAIR Savings?

We offer great competitive rates and a secure place for your savings. FAIR Savings PLUS is suitable for savings in CZK, is free of charge, and earns you an extra income hassle free.

  • Statutory protection up to the equivalent of EUR 100,000
  • High deposit interest rate
  • Money available at any time
  • No processing and maintenance fees

Savings account with an interest rate up to 0.3% p.a. (unlimited deposits)

The preferential interest rate on savings accounts offered under the Campaign Terms and Conditions published on the Sberbank website accrued atop the standard interest rate pegged against the 3M PRIBOR reference rate shown among the Deposit Interest Rates. Learn More.

Preferential rate for clients with FAIR Account AKTIV, OPTIMAL or PODNIKATEL 0.3% p.a.
Other Clients 0.2% p.a.
Apply at Branch

Apply Easily

  1. Visit one of our branches

  2. Activate the Savings Account with a banker

  3. Receive your login data

What You Need to Apply

  • Two valid identity documents
  • Access to your email
  • Czech mobile number
  • Czech account number to make the activation payment

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